vimut hospital vaccine

@slowphotograph2 @Opdiner I got it at Vimut Hospital, perfectly organized also. There is a lot unused capacity, i think main problem is more the not enough vaccine

@SangratTanee for your attention Sir, Neither of the 2 listed Bangkok hospitals (Samitivej and Vimut) on /wmq7Z5TfZJ are accepting further Covid19 Vaccine registrations. Hope there will be further allocations soon. /Xc5VmgR2kz
มีวัคซีนส่งต่อ 2 เข็ม รพ. วิมุต ค่ะ วัคซีนได้สิทธิ์จองตั้งแต่วันที่ 29 พย 64 – 25 ธค 65 ค่ะสนใจทักเดมได้นะคะ ขายแยกได้ค่ะ (รพ อยู่แถวพญาไทค่ะ) ขอบคุณค่ะ 😊

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4:Gee Pawutiyapong:
Foreigners in Thailand (60+ or with pre-existing conditions) can, from today 3pm, register for COVID vaccines at


MedPark, Vimut, Phyathai 2 and Bangkok Pattaya Hospitals, and Bangrak Vaccinication Center.

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5:Rob van Gelder:
@StickboyBangkok With that Vimut hospital that yesterday announced that they cannot do it, no allocation of vaccines.

Vimutはモデルナを予約支払い済みの人の分は確実に入手って言ってる。FB記事の自動翻訳では、「Vimut Hospital would like to inform that Our hospitals are allocated a sufficient amount of the Moderna vaccine to those who have booked according to the system and have paid successfully」 /OfPS2lNYlx
Selling mRNA vaccine (Moderna) for 2 doses injected at Vimut hospital, Bangkok. If you are interested,feel free to DM on chat, thank you.

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@RichardBarrow My friend who wo®️kat Vimut hospital said the registration is closed cuz this hospital is waiting the information from japanse embassy. No problem about Vaccine.
9:Keef Wiwyams:
For all the faults being hurled at the Thai Govt over vaccine rollout, this moring I had my first AZ jab at the brand new ViMut hospital. I wouldnt have got it yet in Aust. #vaccinated #Thai
10:Stephen Harris:
@RichardBarrow @NatapanuN @philipbkk I got Brit Embassy Email update today saying …

“You can register for a vaccine at any hospital which holds your health records OR via designated vaccination centres at Vimut Hospital or Bangrak Health Clinic”

Have asked them to update