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1:tricia layne:
Massage & Holistic was everything #wellness (@ Suanploo Thai Massage in Bangkok) /VRlhG7xVgG
2:Pullman Sukhumvit:

Pamper yourself with our Fusion Touch, the Holistic Aromatherapy and Scalp Massage. Check it out! >> /zMkKzuwVLz

#massage #spa #treatment #Bangkok /gm5Xz0OPKj
3:LividEye Yoshikawa:

Asia Herb Association, gotta be the best holistic spa, massage place in #Bangkok #Thailand. Promise I will be back! /iMVCFzgMyY
SENSUAL BUTTERFLY MASSAGE BANGKOK: We employ holistic and well-test
techniques of massage

And aromatherapy design… http://bit.ly/a1Nizv
5:Robyn Eckhardt:
@dianakuan Thai massage a 4. Good one in Bangkok: organic/holistic shop on Soi Suan Plu (off Sathorn Road). After, good eats up the road.
6:Matthew Pape:
#OzsInbox Is this the best place in #bangkok to get extra #holistic services after a massage?
7:Vacations & Travel:
#Peninsula #Bangkok has introduced a Muay Thai Kickboxing + Holistic Body Massage to its collection of Thai cultural + lifestyle activities
8:Kamya Buch | Life Transformation:

The incredible inscriptions at Wat Pho, Bangkok. An ancient Buddhist temple and home to traditional school of Thai massage. There were so many diagrams of the energy system (i.e. naadis) and different beings. The world of holistic health changes lives. 📖 /Loztw3LEnZ