ekamai healthland

1:Raghu Reddy:

Akamai is seeking a Health and Safety Specialist in Krakow, Poland. Apply here. @Akamai @Akamaicareers #applyhere #careers /e9OBRUtizp /yzm1Nb4k1C
2:Center for Internet Security (CIS):

During the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber attacks on health and hospital systems and their patients have escalated. Join CIS and @Akamai on March 16 to protect staff and patients from targeted threats with dynamic domain inspection. /SwNX1ISoI6 /jxo9FO26OM
3:Kevin Riggle:
It also has significant impacts on the health and well-being of the users involved! As we said at Akamai, “Availability is a security goal.” Twitter may or may not have made a set of decisions which maximized global utility, but lets not pretend E2E is a technological panacea.
4:CISO News:
Congrats! Tim Holland was appointed as Global Senior Director of Security, Health and Safety at Akamai Technologies
5:R. H. Powell IV:

#Wellness is an investment in creating a happier and more engaged workforce. See how @Akamai is putting health and well-being above all else. #WeAreAkamai /hN3piICNnM /R9gNtPpQiE
6:Rohit Prasad:
In this DevEdge episode, @HubSpots @SarahJaneMorris talks to @chuckstar about how she enables #developers to connect with each other and how she measures the health and value of community. @Akamai @akamaidev #developercommunity /KvTnIxlQLn