anastasia beverly hills

You would think that Rupaul would have just collabed with Anastasia Beverly Hills for a makeup line instead of trying to do an offbrand drugstore shitty version. Like Ru.. You got the money to do more if youre gonna do it at all.
2:oh gee idk:
If Anastasia Beverly Hills wants to make a brow comeback they need to sponsor Vernon from Seventeen
anastasia beverly hills_ might be expensive but it lasts sooooooo long
Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dewy Set Setting Spray 183HBD2

chicas, contad vuestra situación amorosa pero en términos de maquillaje

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Shimmer Body Oil LGXN8JM

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7:Dannica Marquez:
I bet Amari introduced MLF to Anastasia Beverly Hills and that’s why we’re all going to be forced to watch him continue to fumble
provide for my family?! the only thing i’ll provide is a sickenin supply of anastasia beverly hills_ cosmetics
9:mc Ψ:
Getting a molar pulled def gonna be put under Anastasia Beverly Hills
10:Mother Mysa:
What’s your favorite brow pencil that isn’t Benefit Cosmetics?