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1:Graeme Holdsworth

30 tickets left at time of tweet. Google @OHooleyandTidow for booking details. A sell out show held inside St Bartholomews Church in Marsden. /hAsxUwUaox
2:Hot Diggity Dog Resort:

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Not this company texting me because THEY fucked up my booking and i wrote a bad review on Google and they had THE NERVE to text me “that’s not nice”
5:Daniel Contreras:
BEST Tools For Barbers:

1. Google Workspace
2. Open-Source Booking App
3. Latest iPhone, Mac, Ringlight
4. Audible
5. Quickbooks, LLC, Biz Bank Account
6. Video Leap
6:Rohit Agarwal 🇮🇳:

@RailMinIndia The @IRCTCofficial website has google ads with clickbait buttons – see screenshot below. The Book Now button leads to a page asking for contact details, leading one to believe @IRCTCofficial needs these for booking. Why should Google Ads be allowed on this at all?? /AOpwbKV5b2
7:Nathaniel Pope:

Latest attempt on phone 2. Same result. Cleared browser. Shut down phone. Restarted. Used Google chrome. Out of ideas. Agent says want $35/ticket to use agent booking. Is that what you’re pushing? Because my frustration level is maxed. /0j3npKSfYa

Booking flights using Google Search is now easier than ever. With Tripbeam, youll have more options and a more smooth booking experience, similar to booking a flight on your phone. /dk4BofgqXU
9:A Spectre Haunting Europe 👻:
Hang on, Lough Erne Resort is a 5*???? How the fuck did their booking manager not do a single Google search? Was the money that good? I’ve heard of wedding bookings being refused in 4* hotels for lesser reasons™:

Never before has the booking procedure been so simple. Your customers only need to use Google!

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