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1:Extinction Rebellion UK 🌍:
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Trial begins today for the Brazilian Embassy 5 – Barbara, Zappi, Richard, Sian and Lazer are charged with criminal damage for a protest against #Amazon deforestation and the abuse of #IndigenousRights. #ExtinctionRebellions third ever jury trial, following #Shell7 acquittal. /ugPOd5Lxz1
2:Just Loki:
I dont know how they can condemn the “racist abuse” these multi-millionaires “experienced” (probably half of which originated from other minorities) when the stated premise in these narratives is that impending victory is a vindication of multiculturalism.
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4:𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒥𝒶𝒿𝒶 😈:
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Done my brazilian lazer_ 🤪 Wanna make love la tonite😛🤪 /ahIGn9Lank
5:Anitta Press | Fan Account:
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4 years ago, Anitta and Pabllo Vittar teamed up with Major Lazer for the BIGGEST cultural reset ever in Brazilian Pop history. 🎭
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Top Brazilian song on iTunes Music: Evapora – IZA, Ciara & Major Lazer /amHNqLZBfF /d9sIiz1uR9
7:Extinction Rebellion UK 🌍:
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🧵BREAKING: Jury at Southwark Crown Court convict Zappi, Lazer & Barbara Cookson for taking action at the Brazilian embassy against the genocidal regime of #Bolsonaro

Judge Perrins ruled their defence of Necessity was inadmissable, leaving them with no defence under law. /uqT6rvehxu
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9:Molly Lane:
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Meet Pabllo Vittar: Major Lazers favorite Brazilian drag queen /sDEgSbXprw