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Masterworks is holding an art auction at BUEI on Friday October 21st starting with a cocktail reception at 5:00… /kyFzjLefgs
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4:Jon Duncan:
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AMAZING clinic today with the trebles in prep for masterworks! Thanks Dr. Zrust! Full day of great work ahead of us! /Y9dSInGnn2
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Todays the day – Mayo Clinic Coffee Series, Pizza w/Players, Florida Blue Masterworks. Start of a new era.
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From the 1930s The Mud Clinic is part of the “underworld series” and is based on ideas of the afterlife #Masterworks
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10:Masterwork Automodules:
Masterwork Automodules proudly presents our very latest deployment of CASHIER in Core Dental Clinic! Watch the video to see how our CASHIER Series help optimize the clinic’s appointment registry and payment process.