chapter 2 Regions of Virginia

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What is transportation? ways of moving people or goods.
What is plateau? a large, high level area of land.
What is textile? cloth or fabric made by knitting.
What is subsistence farming? growing crops or raising animals for survival not for sale.
What is to barter? to trade goods for services or other goods or services.
What is surface mining? stripping off the earth and rock that lies above the coal.
What is population density? the number of people who live in a unit of area.
What is deep mining? finding and removing coal and other ores and minerals by digging underground shafts or tunnels.
What is a tide? the daily rise and fall of the oceans and other large bodies of water connected to the oceans.
What is a ridge? a line of hills or mountains.
What forms a line that runs diagonally across Virginia? Blue Ridge Mountains.
What is the mass transit system? public transportation that carries many people through urban and suburban areas.
What covers almost all of Virginia west of the Blue Ridge Mountains? Valley and Ridge Region
What makes up the eastern part of the region and is part of the Great Valley, which runs from Alabama to New York? Valley of Virginia
The Valley of Virginia contains what smaller valleys? Roanoke Valley, James River Valley, Holston Valley, and the New River Valley.
What lies in the northernmost part of the Valley of Virginia? Shenandoah Valley
What splits the Shenandoah Valley down the middle? Massanutten Mountain
Today the Shenandoah Valley (Valley and Ridge Region)is a major farming area for? apples and chickens
What is found at the far western tip of Virginia? the natural wonder Cumberland Gap.
Who opened the Cumberland Gap? Daniel Boone in 1775.
What was the name of the trail that Daniel Boone and some workers built through the Cumberland Gap? Wilderness Road. This road led settlers from Virginia to Kentucky and beyond.
Tidewater is divided into what four peninsulas? the Eastern Shore, the Northern Neck Peninsula,the Middle Peninsula and the Peninsula.
Name the large rivers that flow through the Tidewater. (Please Remember Your Jacket)Potomac, Rappahannock, York and the James.
What do the Potomac, Rappahnnock, York and the James Rivers form? the Pennisula, the Middle Peninsula, and the northern neck.
Why were rivers important to early Virginians? for transportation. Before there were cars, truck or railroads you could load your products on a boat and ship them long distances.
What forms the Delmarva Peninsula? the Eastern Shore.
What is home to a Coast Guard training center? Yorktown
How did Tidewater get its name? (Please Remember Your Jacket)the Potomac, the Rappahannock, the York and the James Rivers rise and fall with the tide.
How would you describe the Coastal Plains(Tidewater)? What are its major industries? Flat land near the Atlantic Ocean and Chesapeake Bay and East of the fall line. Seafood, shipbuilding, tourism, and military installations.
What is at the eastern edge of the Piedmont and divides it from the Tidewater Region? the fall line.
What is the capital of Virginia?Where is it located? Richmond. The Piedmont Region.
What city manufacturers textiles? Danville used the power of the Dan River to manufacturer textiles.
Where is the University of Virgina? In the Piedmont Region in Charlottesville. Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1825.
What is a major crop of the Piedmont Region and the state? What are its major industries? Tobacco. The rolling land of the Piedmont is excellent for farming. Its major industries are technology, farming, and textiles.
Why is the Blue Ridge an important tourist area? What is its major product? Recreational reasons. Its parks(Shenandoah National Park-top tourist attraction), beautiful scenery (Skyline Drive),trails (Appalachian Trail- hiking from Georgia to Main) and forrests. Its major product is Apples.
What role has the Shenandoah Valley played in Virginia's history? American Indians used it as a natural highway for trade and hunting trips. Europeans also used it as a passage to lands beyond the mountains.
What are three important cities of the Valley and Ridge Region. Tell why they are important today. Roanoke(largest) is a manufacturing center for electronics and furniture, Bristol for textile and printing, and Blacksburg is home to Virginia Polytechnic Institute.
What covers the far western corner of Virginia? the Appalachian Plateau Region. It stretches from Alabama to West Virginia.
Why is the Appalachian Plateau called a plateau if it is not flat? The mountains are the same height and the mountaintops are actually flat on top.
Why is the Appalachian Plateau a seperate region from the Valley and Ridge Region? The rocks are different.
How would you describe the Appalachian Plateau? Steep mountainsides that drop into deep gorges, or hollows.
Which region is an important mining region? The Appalahian Plateau. "King Coal" It produces about 1,000,000,000 dollars worth of coal each year which is almost all of the coal mined in Virginia.
Why is Virginia's coal in demand? It burns cleanly and makes less pollution.
What are the ways to mine coal? deep mining and surface mining. Surface mining is cheaper and safer. Because people were worried about the environment, they have to restore the land to good condition.
Why haven't big cities developed in the Appalachian Plateau? because it is a "Rugged Land".The lack of good farmland and major rivers for transportation or to power factories.
What helped coal mining become a big industry? The arrival of the railroad.
What is the largest city in the Appalachian Plateau? Norton with a population of 4000 people.
How did people survive living in the Appalachian Plateau? subsistence farming and bartering.
What is the major products and industries of Piedmont? Tobacco
Where is Tidewater? in the Coastal Plain Region and forms the eastern part of Virginia/EAST of the fall line.
What includes the Eastern Shore, the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean? Tidewater
What divides Tidewater into Peninsulas? (Please Remember Your Jacket) the Potomac, Rappahannock, York, and the James River.
What states form the Delmarva Peninsula? Delaware, Maryland, Virginia
What caused crops to grow well in the Coastal Plains Region? What crops? rivers flooded and left rich/fertile soil. Peanuts, cotton, and soybeans grew well.
What cities are collectively known as Hampton Roads? Hampton, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Newport News, and Yorktown.
The fall line was responsibile for the growth (woven fabric) of what major cities? Alexandria Fredericksburg, Richmond and Petersburg
How would you describe the Piedmont Region? It's a plateau with gentle rolling hills. It is also the largest region located between the Tidewater region and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Piedmont means "foot of the mountain".
Describe the Blue Ridge Mountains? a line of mountains and hills,many rivers start here, has two of the highest peaks (Mt. Rogers and Whitetop Mountain), part of the Applacian Mountain system that goes from Alabama to Canada.
What was a "Big Barrier" for American Indians and Europeans? the Blue Ridge Mountains. They seperated Indian groups and prevented Europeans from crossing until they found gaps to pass through. (Roanoke Gap, Harper Gap, Wind Gaps)
What four types of natural wonders are found in the Valley and Ridge Region? Natural Hot Springs, Natural Bridge, Natural Chimneys,and caverns.
Where would shipbuilders and merchants live? Hampton Roads

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