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Criminal justice the structure, functions, and processes of those agencies that deal with the management of crime, police, courts, and corrections
omnibus crime control and safe streets a piece of federal law and order legislation that was viewed by many as a political maneuver aimed at allaying fears of crime rather than bringing about criminal justice
law enforcement assistance administration a federal bureaucracy created to involve the national government in local crime control by supplying funds to the states for training and upgrading criminal justice agencies
due process model this model stresses the possibility of error in the stages leading to trial. It therefore emphasizes the need to protect procedural rights even if this prevents the legal system form operating with max efficiency
Warren Court the supreme court under the leadership of Chief Justice Earl Warren, due process model (liberal)
crime control model emphasizes efficiency and is based on the view that hte most important function of the criminal justice process is repression of criminal conduct (conservative) (Burger Court)
Conspiracy concert in criminal purpose
legal homicide self defense or excusable homicide
excusable homicide argue that you were afraid and response was proportional
justifiable homicide you have killed someone and you are legally and morally off the hook, war, killing nazis
murder 1 premeditation, willfulness, and deliberation (the worst), the felonious killing of another human being with malice aforethought
premeditation planning of a murder before an actual event, can happen within seconds, a design or conscious decision to do something before it is actually done
willfulness specific intent to kill, having or showing a stubborn and determined intention to do as one wants, regardless of the consequences or effects
deliberation killing in a state of cold blood, not provoked, no anger, the full and conscious knowledge of the purpose to kill
murder 2 no premeditation, only deliberation and willfulness
passion killing voluntary man slaughter
voluntary man slaughter a provoked killing, does not include premeditation, deliberation and willfulness
Involuntary man slaughter provoked killing, does not include premeditation, willfulness or deliberation
Mens rea "guilty mind"
act commit a social harm, your ac was the cause of some social harm
Vehicular homicide killed someone with a car (involuntary man slaughter)
rape forced sex without consent (aided and abetted by others is the worst)
assault feared bodily harm or unwanted touching, an intentional attempt or threat to physically injure another
assault and battery an assault carried into effect by doing some violence to the victim
attempted murder
misdemeanor a crime punishable by no more than a $1,000 fine and/or one year of imprisonment, typically in a local institution
robbery the felonious taking of money or goods of another, from his or her person or in his or her presence and against the individual's will, through the use of threat of force or violence
arson any attempt to burn (successful or not) a house, property, office, etc
larceny theft there is a taking and the carrying away of the valuable personal property of another person with the intent to deprive the person permanently
grand theft auto stealing a car
burglary the illegal act of breaking and entering into a someone's dwelling place or someone's property with the intent to commit a crime, specifically theft
white collar crime offenses committed by persons acting in their legitimate occupational roles, a crime committed by a person of respectability in the course of their occupation
common law customs, traditions, judicial decisions, and other materials that guide courts in decision making but have not been enacted by the legislatures into statues or embodied in the constitution
insanity case
M'Naghten Rule
Durham Rule/Product Rule if your criminal conduct is a result of mental illness, you are off the hook, the criminal conduct would not have taken place if not for the mental illness
Mistake of law stupid, I didn't know it was the law
mistake of fact taking and carry away of valuable personal property from another and you didn't know that you were doing it (accident), not something you can use it statutory rape
enbesialment you are intrusted with something and you do something else with it for your own benefit (money) (not common law)
statutory law law created by statute (a written law), handed down by legislatures
victimless crime when a vice (immoral act) is then criminalized, drug abuse, prostitution
organized crime must be a greater number of people, they have to be involved in different activities which revolve around the provision of illegal goods or services, violent gangs are not organized crime because they are all doing the same thing fighting
entrapment is the inducement of an individual to commit a crime not previously contemplated by him or her, undertaken for the sole purpose of instituting a criminal prosecution against he offender
terrorism the systemactic use or threat of extreme violence directed against actual and symbolic victims, for the purpose of coercing individuals, groups, communities, or governments into making political or tactical concessions
manslaughter the unlawful killing of another, without malice, without premeditation, willfulness, or deliberation
Actus reus

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