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Question Answer
infer make an educated guess what each layer is made of
inner core the very center of the earth
outer core layer of liquid metals that surrounds the inner core
mantle earths thickest layer that surrounds the outer core
crust outer most layer of the earth
continental crust continents and majot islands
oceanic crust all the ocean floors
lithosphere earths crust and the very top of the mantle
asthenosphere a layer of hotter, softer rock in the upper mantle
tectonic plates large and small slabs
continental drift the hypothesis that earths sat_flash_1s move on the earths surface
pangaea supercontinent made from the continents joined together
the theory of plate tectonics a theory stating that the earths lithosphere is broken into large moving pieces which carry both continental and oceanic crust
mid-oceab ridges huge underwater mountains ranges
sea-floor spreading molten rock rised through cracks in the oceanic crust. it then cools to form new oceanic crust. the old crust is pulled away to make room for new material
trenches deep canyons- in the sea floor
convection energy transfer by the movement of a material
convection current motion that transfers hear energy in the material
slab pull occurs where gravity pulls the edge of a cool, dense plate into the asthenosphere
ridge push occurs when material from a mid-ocean ridge slides downhill from the ridge

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