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Question Answer
What is force? Push or pull.
What is the S.I unit for force? Newtons (N)
How many pounds (lbs) makes up one (1) Kilogram (Kg)? 2.2lbs
How many pounds (lbs) are equivalent to one (1) Newton (N)? 0.224lbs
How many Newtons (N) are in one pounds (lbs)? 4.4546N
What is the British unit for force? Pound (lb)
What is the formula used to calculate force? Force = mass x acceleration
How do you calculate mass using force and acceleration? Mass = Force/Acceleration
How do you find the acceleration if the force and the mass are given? Acceleration = Force/Mass
What is acceleration due to gravity? 9.81m/s^2
How do you calculate Torque? Torque = Force (f) x Length of Lever
What is acceleration? Change of velocity in respect to time.
Forces balancing each other if the net force is zero (0) are in….. Equilibrium

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