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exploration vehicle submersible
the submersible that discovered the Mid- Atlantic Ridge Alvin
pan all
Greek goddess of Earth " Mother Earth" Gaea
4 things that prove seafloor spreading 1. Mesosauraus 2. age and type of rocks in Africa and South America3. mtn. ranges on 2 different continents connect 4. climate change( glacier debris in Africa and South America- coal deposits in US, Eur, Siberia
paleo old
study of earth's magnetic history paleomagnetism
Earth's magnetic orientation has reversed ____ times. 9
The proof for this magnetic orientation is mineral stripes on either side of the ridge were mirror images
opposition to continental drift seafloor spreading
princton professor that gathered information for seafloor spreading Harry Hess
meso middle
sauraus terrible lizard
To have something decompose completely, you need to have oxygen
name of park with Pacific Mid ocean ridge and Mid Atlantic Ridge East Pacific Rise
Iceland means Land of Ice and Fire
Iceland was formed by lava eruptions of the Mid- Atlantic Ridge
In Iceland the Mid Atlantic Ridge ___ (does what) Pokes head above sea level
Number of plates 14 major, 38 minor
theory of the continental drift and seafloor spreading plate tetonics
tetonics comes from the ______ word ______ which means ______. Greek; tetonikos; construction
study of the formation of the features in the Earth's crust tetonics
stated the continents have moved continental drift
single landmass of all the continents – means all lands Pangea
huge ocean Panthalassa
undersea mountain range with a steep narrow valley running down it's center Mid Atlantic Ridge
movement of the ocean floor seafloor spreading
the study of magnetic properties of rocks paleomagnetics
material on the ocean floor continental landmasses oceanic
solid reletively rigid outer layer shell of the earth containing oceanic and continental crusts and part of the earth's upper mantle lithosphere
a layer of plastic rock beneath the lithosphere asthenosphere
two plates moving away from eachother divergent boundary
in the center of the Mid Ocean Ridge valley formed as the plates separate rift valley
the direct collision of 1 plate with another convergent boundary
the region along a plate boundary where 1 plate is forced under another plate subduction zone
chain of volcanic islands island arc
2 plates grind past eachother do not slide along smooothly transform fault boundary
transfer of heat through a movement of heated fluid material convection
cycle of warm water and cool water sinking to replace it convection current
suggests that the continents are actually a patchwork of terranes theory of terranes
pieces of land each with its own distict geologic history terranes
Red Sea occupied by a rift valley formed by the separation of Africa and the Arabian Plates
plate is forced under the plate with less dense continental crust- creates more oceanic crust oceanic crust collides with continental crust
oceanic crust is _____ -er than continental crust denser
oceanic crust is made of basalt
continental crust os made of granite
forms on the continental crust line volcanoes
oceanic converging and subducting under continental causes volcanic activity along North Pacific coast Juan de Fuca
leading edges of continental crust come together – what happens? crust make fold which form large mountain ranges
oceanic crust converges with oceanic crust – what happens? forms deep trenches
__________ are island arcs Aleution islands
transform fault create earthquakes
_ is higher along plate boundaries where two plates are moving apart heat flow
major transform fault boundary San Andreas Fault
Scientists have dtermined that there are higher tempuratures at _______ where heat escapes from " down under" plate boundaries

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