Revision of Electrical Circuits

admin / January 17, 2018
Question Answer
Positive against Positive Attract
Negative against Negative Repel
Positive against Positive Repel
A material such as all metals that let current through are called? Conductors
A material that does'nt let current through such as wood, plastic or rubber what are they called? Insulators
What is resistence? Resistance is something that makes it harder for the current to flow
What 3 things increase resistance? 1)Longer lenght of wire2)Thinner lenght of wire 3)Obstacles such as bulbs,buzzers,motors etc
What 3 things decrease resistance? 1)Shorter wire 2)Wider wire 3)Less obstacles such as bulbs,motors,buzzers etc
Name 2 ways in which we use resistance in everyday life 1) To increase and decrease volume on a CD player 2)To increase or decrease light
A cell 1 battery but don't call it that
A battery 2 or more cells
How many volts approximately is mains electricity? 240 volts
Fuses Fuses stop the current getting to great.The wire breaks if it goes over the … A Fuse
What is the series circuit? The battery in a series circuit gives off a certain amount of energy that then get's split equally around the circuit.So by adding 1 more bulb it would divide the energy by 2
What is the parallel circuit? When the battery in the parallel circuit gives off energythen however many bulbs you add they would get the same amount as the 1 bulb that started coz the battery gives out as much energy as needed.You can also turn off one bulb at a time which is useful.
Bulb Light
Switch Switch
Cell Less than a battery
Battery More than a cell
Ammeter Measures amps
Voltmeter Measures volts
Connecting wire wire
Two ways switch Can follow one or another routes
Fuse Stops wire from exploding from the heat
Buzzer Buzzes
Motor Uses electricity to make things happen
Current/Amps Current is how much electrical charge is in the circuit.It is measured in amps
Voltage Voltage measures the difference in electrical energy around the circuit.You use it in parallel

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