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admin / January 24, 2018
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What are rock forming minerals? the common minerals used to make rocks
What does the rock cycle show? major processes that make the rocks
What are the major processes in the rock cycle? melting, cooling, pressure, heat, weathering and erosion
What are metamorphic rocks? rocks that change their shape
What makes metamorphic rocks change shape? heat and pressure or hot watery fluids
Is an altered rock a metamorphic rock? yes
What are the two ways to classify metamorphic rocks? foliated or nonfoliated
What does foliated mean and wat r some examples? mineral grains that form in parallel lines; slate, gneiss, shale
Whats a nonfoliated rock? when mineral grains grow and rearannge but dont form layers; marble, quartzite
Whats a sedimentary rock? a rock made of sediments that were compressed or cemented together
What are sediments? loose materials of rock thats been moved by water,wind ice and gravity
How do u classify sedimentary rocks? how they form, and wat they're made of; the groups are detrital, chemical or organic
what are detrital sedimentary rocks? rocks that form from broken pieces of other rocks; ex: congloremate and sandstone
what are chemical sedimentary rocks? they form from dissolved minerals out of solutions, usually not from preexisting rocks; ex.: limestone & rocksalt
What are organic sedimentary rocks? form from: once living things ex.: coal-dead plants , chalk-microscopic shells, fossil-rich limestone
What are igneous rocks? rocks that form from lava or magma.
Why does lava rise? its less dense the magma
What are the 2 ways to classify igneous rocks? extrusive and intrusive
what are intrusive igneous rocks? rocks that form inside of volcanoes that cool slowly and have large crystals
What are extrusive igneous rocks? rocks formed by magma that cool quickly and have small crystals

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