Water and its Forms

admin / January 28, 2018
Question Answer
Water as a gas is called ___________. Water vapor
All gases are __________. invisable
______________is condensed water. Vapor
Water in the atmosphere exists in 3 forms: gas, solid, and a liquid
A cloud is visible so it is not a ______. gas
Ice is held together in a definite _______ shape. cyrstalline
___________ changes water from one state of matter to the other. Temperature
The process by which a solid changes directly to a vapor is called __________. sublimation
When air is dry and below freezing, it will ____________. sublimate
The amount of water in the atmosphere is called ___________. humidity
As water molecules evaporate, the __________ of air increases. humidity
When air can hold no more water it becomes ______. saturated
As temperature rises the amount of water the air can hold ___________. increases
As the temperature decreases, the amount of water the air can hold __________. decreases
Explain why water can hold certain amounts in certain tempertures: At a certain temperature, relative humidity changes as moisture enters or leaves the air. It also changes if the amount of moisture in the air remains the same, but the temperature of the air changes.
Skipping a state of matter due to extreme temperature change sublimation
Vapor to ice skips the liquid state
ice to vapor skips the liquid state
Dry ice goes thru ________. sublimation
Frozen CO2 sublimates into a __________. vapor
Co2 freezes at _________________. – 109 degrees Fahrenheit
Process by which a liquid becomes a gas condensate
gas becomes a liquid condensate
some form of water that falls from a cloud precipitation
____ and _______ are visible masses of H20 or ice in the atmosphere. Clouds and fog
Both _ and _ originate from water vapor. clouds and fog
Clouds result from the _______ thru a large volume of water. condensation
In order for water vapor to condensate, a ______ must be available. solid surface
Air contains millions of solid particles such as _,_, and _ ice, salt, and dust
Suspended solid particles in the air provide a ______________ needed condensation to occur. surface's
Solid surfaces in the air provide a ______ for condensation to occur. surface
Why do solid particles stay suspended for a longtime? air is more dense
Water molecules collect on solid surfaces in the atmosphere to form ___________. water droplets
As temperture goes down, air can hold ________ water. less
When air rises into less pressure areas, air molecules _______________. move apart
As compressed air spreads out, potential _______ is used up. energy
When stored energy in air molecules is used up, ________ cools. air
Changes in temparture that result from the expansion or compression of air is called ________. adiabatic
Expansion causes air to __________ and compression causes air to ______. fool; heat up
Most clouds form from ______ cooling. convective
The level at which clouds form is called the ____ level. condension
When warm moist air is forced up a slope, the air cools to form __________. clouds
This is why mountaintops are usually _______. cloudy
Clouds also form when a warm moist air meets ______ air mass. cold
Advection cooling creates clouds when wind carries _____. warm, moist air across cool ocean
Name the 4 ways clouds form _______, ___________, ______, and _______. convective cooling, forceful lifting, temperture changes, and advective cooling.
Clouds are most commonly named by their _________________ and ________. altitude and shape
The 3 main types of clouds are ________, __________, and __________. stratus, cumulus, and cirrus
The lowest clouds in the sky are ___________. stratus
Stratus means __________ or ____________. sheetlike or layered
The term _____ or ________ means rain. nimbo or nimbus
The term _______ means high. alto
2 variations of stratus clouds are _______________ and __________. nimbostratus and altostratus
Cumulus means _______ or ________. piled or heaped
Cumulus clouds are __________ with high billowy tops. thick
The flat bottom of some clouds indicates the exact point where ________ began. condensation
The lowest cumulus clouds are called _______. stratocumulus
Cumulus clouds usually form in _____ weather. fair
On hot, humid days, warm moist air rises to its greatest ____. heights
On these days, large thick clouds called __________ or _____________ form. cumulonimbus or thunderclouds
The highest clouds in the sky look ________ and __________. wispy and featherly
Cirro and cirrus mean ___________. curly
Cirrus clouds can form 7- 13 km above the earth's surface where temperatures are _______. low
Cirrus clouds are made of ____________. ice crystals.
Extremeley high, billowy clouds are called ______. cirrocumulus
A _______ appears around the sun or moon when covered by a cloud made of ice. halo
Cumulus clouds are the _____ clouds. tallest
Cumulus clouds can extend from ________ to _______. ( miles and kilos) 3 km. to 18 km.;1.8 miles to 10.8
______ are high, light gray clouds that cover the sky. altostratus
______ clouds create an overcast day with no threat of rain. altostratus
___________ are low, dark gray clouds which create an all day rain. nimbostratus
There are ______ things needed for condensation. 3
4 ways clouds are formed: nuclei, saturation, and temperature

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